February 12

Look Back: Multitude Singing of “The Lord’s Prayer”


Folks, you would not want to miss this for the world! It’s Mr. George Beverly Shea leading the crowd in singing that classic “Lord’s Prayer.” Wish we have more of these type of singing in our worship gatherings. My chagrin aside, I’ll keep singing the Lord’s Prayer. They’re precious words of my Jesus as detailed in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.

“The Lord’s Prayer” by George Beverly Shea

While we appreciate and can always make room for new songs, we’ll always love our ‘oldies but goodies’ songs. It’s not only for the precious, old memories but for the history that they tell. They’re part and witnesses of what our forefathers had been through in the bygone eras.

The Songwriter
Look Back: Multitude Singing of “The Lord’s Prayer” 1
Albert Hay Malotte

(May 19, 1895 – November 16, 1964)

A choirboy who grew up an organist and toured several countries. He also had an established career as a composer of film scores in Hollywood. Two that we may all be familiar with were that of Ferdinand the Bull in 1939 and The Ugly Duckling in 1940. Throughout his life, he composed various musical pieces both for the sacred and secular. He died of pneumonia in 1964. He was 69.

His most remembered song, “The Lord’s prayer” was first introduced by Mr. John Charles Thomas in 1935.

Other Notable Recordings to Check: Perry Como (1949), Mahalia Jackson (1950), The Staple Singers (1967), Glen Campbell (1969), Elvis Presley (Recorded 1971), Anne Murray (1999), Andrea Bocelli  (2009).

Our Prayer Model

I don’t know how it is with you folks, but there’s something special about uttering the scripture with melodies. With the “Lord’s Prayer,” we’re taught by Jesus how to pray. By ‘how’ I don’t mean the structure on what should come first and what’s last. The point of Jesus is to talk to God as our father. Not the distant, cosmic being we imagined him to be. He’s close and apt to hear our every word.


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