October 6

Mr. Spocks Sings Country,Too

Gee! Looks like Star Treks’ pointy-eared Mr. Spocks has been spending much time on earth that he has got time to record albums. He has not just brought songs from the outer space; he also picked some from Earth that he fancies. Below he sings “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash. Will he nail it? Watch the video to find out.


 This is interesting! Now we know that Mr. Leonard Nimoy a.k.a “Mr. Spocks” not only was a talented actor and director. He has got a musical side, too. Between breaks, he could have sung and played covers of his favorite country and pop songs. Besides, it has been rumored that Mr. Nimoy had those times when he felt unhappy being typecast as a famous alien. Speaking of which, there was actually an episode of Star Trek where he was featured singing. I just wished they had created one where he sings country, too. Imagine how that could have spiked more ratings for the TV series.

It may have started as a diversion, but he has done enough covers to make an album. Well, not a bad idea to add and promote on top of his Sci-fi music albums.

For fun, here is another take from Mr. Nimoy of “Gentle on my Mind.”

For seasoned music lovers and pros, Mr. Nimoy’s singing may not be that record-breaking quality but it is not bad. I doubt that he meant to make a breakthrough in music either. He could have just been having fun. At least, he was not a chicken to not give singing a shot. If there is some moral we could take away from his example, it would be persistence and a love for what you do. It may not be your natural talent or your strongest ability, but if you put your heart to what interest you, it would feel like an accomplishment regardless of the spectators’ responses.


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