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“Movin’ On,” A Merle Haggard and The Strangers Successful Collaboration


“Movin’ On,” A Merle Haggard and The Strangers Successful Collaboration 1
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“Movin’ On” is a soundtrack of the television series of the same name.  However, the song was released as a single in 1975. “The Hag” Merle Haggard and The Strangers joined forces to record the song. Upon its release, it immediately skyrocketed. With this, it placed at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

“Movin’ On,” A Merle Haggard and The Strangers Successful Collaboration 2
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Moreover, “Movin’ On” became the standard in country music scene to pay homage to the American “over-the-road truck driver.”

Movin’ On…

Merle Haggard, himself, wrote the words and lyrics of “Movin’ On.” Along with The Strangers, Merle Haggard recorded the song and was part of his album “Keep Movin’ On.” It was released on May 12, 1975. Due to its huge success, it placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on July 12, 1975. It spent a week at number one and a total of fifteen weeks on the said country chart.

The Series…

“Movin’ On,” A Merle Haggard and The Strangers Successful Collaboration 3
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The television series “Movin’ On” ran from 1974 to 1976. Claude Akins is known as the character for his old-time independent “big-rig” truck driver Sonny Pruitt. On the other hand, Frank Converse is his college-educated co-driver Will Chandler. Most of the episodes usually centered on Sonny and Will. They are always on the road being involved in the lives of other people they met or met again. As they are still traveling in the various places, it is where they found themselves.

“Movin’ On,” A Merle Haggard and The Strangers Successful Collaboration 4
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Merle Haggard and The Strangers collaborated and recorded songs for so many years. The Strangers, on the other hand, stands as the backup band for “The Hag.” Both have produced albums and singles that topped the charts. Their records also were certified as platinum and multi-platinum.

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