“Move It On Over” is one of the great country legends, Hank Williams’ hit. No Country fan can call themselves a true fan without hearing one of His songs, so today let’s take a good look at one of them.

move it on over, hank williams

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The Country Legend Hank Williams

It is frankly impossible to get into the country music genre without having experienced Hank Williams. Many of his songs are certified classics and hits which still get appreciation today despite them being released back in the 1940s to the early 1950s.

move it on over, hank williams

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The greatness of this man is so vast that even after his death, his songs kept taking the top spots in the Billboard charts. Three of his 11 singles that took the number one spot were released after Williams passed away. Along with that, many of the other singles he recorded reached the top 10 Billboard Country & Western Best Sellers chart with five of those hits being released after his death.

Hank Williams is truly a legend not just in the country genre but in music in general, he is seen as one of the most influential singers and songwriters in the 20th century with many of his contributions making a lasting impact on the whole industry.

“Move It On Over” Williams’ First Hit, An Early Rock and Roll Song, and A Silly Take on a Serious Event

“Move It On Over” was Williams’ first major hit. The song peaked at number 4 on the Billboards chart letting the already fairly well-known star to gain even more traction in his rise to fame. Many consider this song to be an early example of rock and roll music.

The style, presentation and overall feel of this song are very reminiscent of rock and roll music that is released way after this song was released (1947).

move it on over, hank williams

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As the years went by, many artists have covered this song or made their own version of it. Some notable ones are Hank Williams Jr., Bill Haley, and Ray Charles to name a few. The song was also featured in the video game LA Noire, a vintage-style detective game.

The song talks about a man forced to sleep in the doghouse after his wife didn’t allow him in due to coming back very late at night. It is a silly take on a very relatable event that many married couples go through which is part of why it became a hit. Williams was known for novelty songs that were ironically more serious and relatable. “Move It On Over” was simply the first to reach the top of the charts.