August 28

Want to Move Way Back in the Mountains with Haggard and Barnes?

Like fathers like sons. Marty Haggard and Max T. Barnes with their guitars.
Like fathers like sons. Marty Haggard and Max T. Barnes with their guitars.

Marty Haggard and Max T. Barnes sons of the late Merle Haggard and Max D. Barnes sought to revive their fathers’ memories by putting Way Back in the Mountains into a record. About 21 years ago, these buddies wrote the song.  So as a bonus treat, the producers, or perhaps Marty himself have the clip of the two musical legends added in the following music video. You’ll see the men happily jamming back in 1997.

Max D. Barnes & Merle Haggard (1997 footage)
Max D. Barnes & Merle Haggard (1997 footage)

Way Back in the Mountains

Like their dads, Marty and Max were a load of fun to watch. Hoping for more collaborations from these guys!

Bits About the Track

In just a few lines, Haggards and Barnes wove a charming picture of the mountain life as a great prospect to consider when the going gets tough in the urban.

In context, Way Back in the Mountains is a poor man’s lament struggling to make ends meet living in a city. But all hope’s not gone as he had the option to build a cabin up in the mountains.

The single then became the third track for Merle Haggard’s 48th album 1994 and released it the same year. Though the album was not much of a commercial success, music critics hailed Barnes’ songwriting prowess particularly the single, I am an Island.

Another recording of the track besides today’s feature was that of Burrito Deluxe released in 2004.

It has only been two years since the passing of Merle Haggard, but his songs live on through covers made by his sons Marty, Noel, and Ben. So to the Haggard brothers, keep singing your father’s songs!

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