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Charley Pride and The Other Versions of “Mountain of Love”

“Mountain of Love” is a single written by Harold Dorman in 1959. Dorman recorded his song on the same year he wrote it. It was released the following year as a single. Dorman’s recording entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 21. In addition, “Mountain of Love” placed at number seven on the R&B chart. It was the most successful song in his entire career.

The Meaning of “Mountain of Love”

The single, “Mountain of Love,” tells the story of a man who expresses the pain he felt when the woman he loves left him. He remembers the time when they were happy in their relationship. Now, he’s left all alone. Sometimes, he wishes that his woman will feel lonely because if she does, she might return to him.

Night after night I been standing here alone
Weeping my heart out till cold gray dawn
Prayin’ that you’re lonely and you come here too
Hopin’ just by chance that I’ll get a glimpse of you
Tryin’ hard to find you, somewhere I love
High on a mountain of love.

When two people go their separate ways, there will always be one who will still be madly in love. It’s difficult for that person to move on or forget because the love they have for their significant other remains.

Other Versions

Dorman’s single was covered by different artists from different genres. Kenny Lynch in 1960, Johnny Rivers in 1964, Ronnie Dove in 1968, The Beach Boys in 1965, and Charley Pride in 1981. Here are the different versions of the song:

Kenny Lynch

Johnny Rivers

The Beach Boys

Charley Pride’s Version

Charley made Dorman’s song reached number one on the Country Songs chart. This was the highest charting version of Dorman’s song. Charley included his single on his album Everybody’s Choice.

This heartbreaking song has a lively beat to enjoy.


Charley Pride, Harold Dorman, Mountain of Love

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