June 14

Country and Pop Collab: “Seeing Blind” by Morris and Horan

If we were to ask you to choose between country and pop genre, which would you choose? We can wait for your answer until you finish watching the video we will share today. You may not need to choose between the two anymore. Country singer, Maren Morris and pop artist, Niall Horan, joined musical forces to make “Seeing Blind”, a pop-country hit.

Song Within a Debut Album

“Seeing Blind” is a song off Niall Horan’s debut album, Flicker. Horan produced it after leaving his band, One Direction. Morris and Horan performed the track at the 2017 CMA Awards, and fans adored it. Even if they are just friends in the business, it is hard to deny the symphony between Morris and Horan when they sing together. Their powerful vocals blend magically, mixing their opposing styles in another level. Morris sings with country soul while Horan adds his pop-folk sound. Now, they released an acoustic version to spice things up and add more passion to it.

Impromptu Video from Long-Time Friends

The music video gaining more than a million views on YouTube was logged in Morris’ second home – her Nashville recording studio. Adding to the acoustic tune, the setting gives the song a warmer feeling. As the two blend, it makes the music come to life again, just like its original track. Horan strums the guitar away as he begins the tune. Not long after, Maren joins him in a heavenly harmony that almost sounds better than the original version.

Horan and Morris got to know each other more, through the past years of collaborating. Horan now lines his solo career contrarily than his time with One Direction. He lets his humble personality show. Their friendship revolved both on and off the stage. Morris’ appreciation for the change of set while working with pop music added to this fondness. Morris is also on the road with Horan for his Flicker World Tour, stopping in cities all over the world. Their friendship is manifested in the way they sing together, too.

Would you agree that the song brings us to higher mountains? While Niall Horan and Maren Morris‘ teamwork on “Seeing Blind” is sweet enough as it is, the pair has succeeded to make it even more heartening with an acoustic version.

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Country and Pop Collab: “Seeing Blind” by Morris and Horan 1


Maren Morris, Seeing Blind

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