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Choice Cuts: “Good Morning Beautiful” by Steve Holy



Choice Cuts: "Good Morning Beautiful" by Steve Holy 1

There you are, found someone to love and cherish. The next thing you want to do is spend every moment of your life with your beloved. Eat together, travel together, laugh together, sleep together, and wake up together. The list of things to do together goes on. And whatever you do, including the silly ones, as long as you do it together, it becomes a memory worth cherishing.

True enough, in the eyes of someone who’s in love, everything looks beautiful. Each second turns into a bliss, regardless of the circumstance surrounding the relationship.

In connection with the above, here’s a lovely tune that relays someone’s delightful feeling waking up with his significant other. The song opens with a chorus with the narrator asking how his partner’s night had been. He then declared that he was wonderful with her beside him. And to wake with her made the day beautiful.

Good morning beautiful, how was your night

Mine was wonderful, with you by my side

And when I open my eyes, and see your sweet face

It’s a good morning beautiful day

From the second stanza, gloominess is seen as sung by the singer. But with her presence, his life brightened up. Now he’s got every reason to face each breaking dawn.

I couldn’t see the light, I didn’t know day from night

I had no reason to care

But now you came along, I can face the dawn

‘Cause I know you’ll be there

Again, when you become emotionally attached to someone, such affection changes your perspective about life. Most often, the happiness that it brings you makes you appreciate life’s beautiful side. As the lyrics go,

I’ll never worry, if it’s raining outside

Cause in here with you girl, the sun always shines

About the Song

“Good Morning Beautiful” is a song popularized by the American country music artist Steve Holy. The song was his fourth single from the album Blue Moon released in 2001. The track was featured in the movie Angels Eyes to which it initially appeared. Eventually, the song was an addition to the album’s tracks given its successful chart performance. Zack Lyle and Todd Cerney were behind the song’s lyrics.

Reign on the Charts

The single became a major hit in less than a year after its release. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart on February 2, 2002. Incredibly, the song stayed on top of the chart for five consecutive weeks. Its reign on the chart lasted for a total of 41 weeks. Moreover, for more than four years, the track was Holy’s only hit that became No. 1 until the release of Brand New Girlfriend in 2006. Also,  it’s one of the singer’s 15 singles that entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

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Steve Holy, Todd Cerney, Zack Lyle

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