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Find Hope in This Christian Hymn “Morning Has Broken”

“Morning Has Broken” is a song written by the English poet and children’s author Eleanor Farjeon in 1931. Her words were added with the melody of “Bunessan.” Farjeon’s words are also commonly used as a poem for children, where it speaks of the first day of spring.

All About the Song

The Christian hymn talks about the beauty of life that God has for us each day. Despite having many tragic events or moments in life  that we cannot control, we still have another day. “Morning Has Broken” shows us hope, and it reminds us of God’s kindness to us. Therefore, we shall thank Him and glorify Him for all of His goodness.

Morning has broken like the first morning

Blackbird has spoken like the first bird

Praise for the singing

Praise for the morning


Cat Stevens’ Rendition

The song was made popular by the English singer Cat Stevens in 1972. He found the song by accident when he was looking through a hymn book. At that time, Stevens was trying to add some songs for his album, Teaser and the Firecat. When he released the song as a single, it rose to the top of the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Furthermore, it has also secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Stevens not only achieved recognition in the UK and the US, but his song was also known in other countries.

Find Hope in This Christian Hymn “Morning Has Broken” 1
Photo Credit: Cat Stevens/ Official Facebook Page

Stevens’ cover of “Morning Has Broken” was a little bit similar to the original tune, but he added some changes to the song. Rick Wakeman was responsible for the piano arrangement of the song. He said that he did not receive payment and credit for it, at first.

Other Covers

Other artists who decided to cover the song were Judy Collins, Aaron Neville, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, and many more.

Check out this beautiful and inspiring hymn.



Cat Stevens

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