February 14

More Years With You: The Story of Jelly Roll and his Spouse, Bunnie XO

Most love stories you often hear will begin with love at first sight. That is particularly true for the country singer and rapper Jelly Roll and his spouse, Bunnie XO.

Jelly Roll, known in real life as Jason DeFord, married Bunnie XO, with Bunnie DeFord as her real name, on August 31, 2016. He is famous for his hit songs like Dead Man Walking and Son of a Sinner from his 2021 Ballads of the Broken album.

The couple has been going strong since they tied the knot and are continuing to share great memories on social media.

How They Met

The celebrities recalled their meeting when Jelly Roll performed at the very place where he met his spouse, Bunnie XO. The latter did not know who Jelly Roll was, yet sparks flew, and everything lit up as they met and had a great time together.

Where Their Love Started

The country rapper might be drunk when he decided to marry his spouse, yet he said it was the best decision he has made in his life.

Jelly Roll took to social media to reminisce on the exact location where everything transpired. According to him, he will never forget the night and feeling when he first met her at the bar at Fremont street. Jelly Roll also mentioned in his caption that both came from toxic relationships and struggled in life, yet they found their ways to each other. He also expressed gratitude for her presence in his life and for being a loving mother to his child.

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Fans in the comment section of Jelly Roll’s post gushed because of the loving response from his spouse, Bunnie XO. Bunnie mentioned how special Jelly Roll is to her.

Jelly Roll further made fans melt as he wrote birthday greetings for Bunnie. He mentioned how words and songs are not enough to describe and explain his love for her. Also, he said how proud he was of her for running the Dumb Blonde business and that he would cheer her on.

Are you gushing already? Who wouldn’t? Reading the post makes you think about their genuine love for each other.


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