April 11

When There’s Too Much Month (At The End of the Money)


Every day, responsible money control needs some clever strategy. Yes, payday is exciting and great. Your bank account is full and you finally have money to refill your shelves. Some would even buy the clothes they have been wanting. Most would eat at famous restaurants. Cutting it short, you find yourselves celebrating each payday. It may not be the same for all of us, but either way, sometimes we worry the week after all spending is done. We start to stress ourselves for the next due of bills. If we are lucky and are paid twice in a month, we have a lot of money left with our second paycheck. Marty Stuart once felt for us that he has the song “Too Much Month (At The End of the Money)”.

When There's Too Much Month (At The End of the Money) 1

So How Do We Go About All This Fuss?

For starters, if paid monthly, divide your budget into weekly amounts. Get an envelope and enclose the money for food, transportation, etc., for each week. It can help you set up to have your bills due at the beginning of the month. Set it aside if you must. Thereafter, dividing the leftover of your money into weekly amounts can help you manage everything.

On the other hand, if you are paid twice a month, it is still not a good thing. You may have times when you are stuck between paychecks and times when you have a lot of extra money. Your budget, therefore, should be cut in halves. Set aside half of your monthly dues, be it rent or utility costs. This strategy even things out overall. Moreover, if you have a savings account, transfer your first cut off salary so as not to spend it. After all, having a second job is much doable but tiring.

Marty Stuart Can Relate To Us

Remember that your money is your friend. Start tracking your expenses and sticking to a plan you can do to save up ahead of time. Do you find yourself with too much month at the end of the money? Do you follow a strict budget?

Stop living from paycheck to paycheck and make money, if not much, enough is okay.

Well, we do not want this to be a long post, so in the name of entertainment, we are going to share something. Here is a song from Marty Stuart that relents how we are feeling when budgets are tight. Hope this works.


Marty Stuart

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