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John Michael Montgomery Sings of “The Little Girl” Born Anew


John Michael Montgomery Sings of “The Little Girl” Born Anew 1
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Every child deserves to have a bright future and his family is required to provide him with such. But, what if the child’s parents are the mere ones who denied him of such a happy life? That would, definitely, be the most painful experience that a child could go through. That’s what John Michael Montgomery tries to recount on the first part of his song “The Little Girl.” Fortunately, the second half offered light to the story as it tackles a new journey on which the protagonist has embarked on. Such has eventually led her to the beautiful life that she was once denied of.

About the Song

Penned by Harley Allen, “The Little Girl” serves as the lead single of Montgomery’s album Brand New Me. Bluegrass musicians Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski of Union Station Band provided harmony vocals to the recording. The song reached No. 1 on the country chart giving Montgomery his seventh chart-topper hit. Also, it became the singer’s last top country top single thus far. Additionally, “The Little Girl” was a Top 40 pop record peaking at No. 35.

The protagonist, whom the title pertains to, used to be a victim of a broken family. She was born to an alcoholic father and a drug-addict mother. As a result, the couple had a troublesome relationship that ended in their tragic death. Watching her parents fighting and hurting each other almost every day of their lives may have a traumatic effect on the child. But after losing her biological parents, the unnamed protagonist found a new life and family. Aside from clothing her with love and compassion, her new family also brought her to the church. There, she has further known the man who comforted her during her difficult moments and ultimately took her out of the darkness.

Watch the music video for Montgomery’s “The Little Girl” below.

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