September 18

Montgomery Gentry Posthumously Releases New Song, Better Me

As the memorial service and emotionally charged final farewell for the late Troy Gentry—country singer and other half of the Montgomery Gentry duo reached its end, a brand new single, Better Me, was released.

Originally, the song was going to be released the following year as part of the duo’s most recently recorded album. Better Me has been made available through Montgomery Gentry’s record label, Average Joes Entertainment. However, whether the full album will still be set for release next year or not is still a question yet to be given a straight answer.

Eddie Montgomery sang and introduced the new track during the final part of the memorial for Troy at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. The inspirational song tackles a person’s struggle to change and become a better person despite the constant challenges and tests that must be faced in order to turn a new leaf and go past their mistakes. A lot of people will surely be able to relate to Better Me, especially with a chorus filled with raw honesty: ‘I might cuss and fight, tell a few lies/ Break a few rules, making promises I can’t keep/ But I’ve turned the pages on days/ I’m running all this down hoping you’ll see/ I ain’t saying I’m perfect, but I’m working on a better me.

Despite the emotional service, Montgomery kept his lips sealed and remained silent even after friends and loved ones have each shared their fondest memories of Gentry. But when two of the attendees, namely Vince Gill and Troy’s pastor, Dr. Michael I. Glenn addressed Montgomery in their speeches, the remaining half of the beloved country duo could no longer fight back his tears.

Vince Gill gently beseeched Eddie to not “disappear”. Dr. Glenn, on the other hand, spoke heart-to-heart to Montgomery, “Eddie, he loved being onstage with you. The highlight of his life was when that spotlight would come on and you two would take the stage. You two had very different styles, but when you sang together, it was some kind of magic.”

Troy Gentry was truly an exceptional talent in the world of country music but he would not have shone as brightly as he had had he not joined forces with Eddie Montgomery, a singer who had just as much love, motivation, and drive for their chosen career. Through the beautiful melodies produced by the Montgomery Gentry duo, Troy’s memories and his legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of their fans.


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