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Top 5 Memorable Moments of k.d. lang

k.d. lang, aside from being widely known as a successful Canadian country singer, is also recognized by her fans for the constantly happy and lighthearted nature she exudes. Even though a lot of time has passed and she has definitely faced so many hardships and challenges throughout the span of her career, it is truly amazing how she maintains such a positive vibe and a selfless love towards her fans and to people in general. Not to mention, she is among the highly gifted artists who possess such timeless talent in the art of singing.

Thus, to commemorate the genuinely beautiful person that k.d. lang is, here’s a compilation of 5 of her most memorable moments:

5.  Bedazzling Gold Medal Performance

In 2010, k.d. lang mesmerized fans and made jaws drop during a performance for the Vancouver Olympic Games. During the game’s opening ceremonies, she performed her own beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. As if to break an invisible barrier, her voice effortlessly moved the audience in more ways than one. Even Cohen himself had nothing but rave reviews for her performance. Describing her voice, he said, “She sings without any obstacles between her and the listeners, and because of that, she sings for all of us.”

4. She wears a white wedding dress and makes a “vow”

Donning a sparkly white wedding dress, k.d. lang attends her Juno award in 1985 for winning the award for the most promising female vocalist. At her acceptance speech, she vows to the audience and to her fans that she will always sing for “all the right reasons”.

3. k.d. lang’s 1993 Announcement

“I don’t think Ingenue would have been a hit without me coming out. I wouldn’t have got in the cover of Vanity Fair.” Being a widely recognized country singer is not an easy feat, especially if you are an artist that belongs to what society deems as a minority group or a group of individuals that earns mixed reactions (but are mostly negative) from the majority. But k.d. lang stood tall and brave and finally made a public announcement about her sexuality. In the 1993 August issue of the Vanity Fair magazine, lang graced the glossy cover donned suavely in men’s suit, while she sat on a chair and supermodel Cindy Crawford shaved her chin.

2. Constant Craving becomes a 1992 hit

The Albertan singer’s relatable track about feeling a strong, unwavering desire made it to the Billboard’s adult contemporary chart’s number 2 spot. Soon after, Constant Craving led k.d. lang to earn three Grammy nominations, one of which she won. Her song also inspired other artists like Mick Jagger to write their own songs in light of Constant Craving’s strong, emotional message.

1.  k.d. lang’s Juno speech

Eight-time Juno winner k.d. lang was inducted into the prestigious Canadian Music Hall of Fame. During her speech, she remained humble and grateful for the honor that was given to her by fellow artists, critics, and her fans. With a hint of wit and humor, she expressed, “I think the fact that I’m standing here receiving this award actually says more about Canada than it says about me because only in Canada could there be such a freak as k.d. lang receiving this award.” She went on by remembering other pop-country artists like her such as Rita MacNeil and Tom Connors. Finally, she encouraged everyone to embrace their individuality.

I am here to tell you, my friends and my countrymen, that it is okay to be you. It is okay to let your freak flags fly and embrace the quirkmeister that’s inside all of us.”

Very well said, k.d. lang! Her words, actions, and songs, just prove why she is an artist worthy of being commended and loved for being true to who she really is.


k.d. lang

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