July 13

Modern A Cappella Version of the Classic “Daddy Sang Bass”

Modern A Cappella Version of the Classic "Daddy Sang Bass" 1
VoicePlay | Photo credit: Youtube

This group of young a cappella singers, who call themselves VoicePlay, breathed a fresh life into Johnny Cash‘s country gospel hit, “Daddy Sang Bass.” Sitting in front of a wooden-made house, the performers appeared relaxed and in their gentle smiles as they commence the tune in a melodic style. You’ll be mesmerized by their vocals and emotive delivery of the song. Throughout the music video, they were able to maintain those adorable gestures while keeping their a cappella singing at buoyant state. Toward the end, their respective families and loved ones arrived one by one to join them. And, an image of a bunch of happy people emerged.

VoicePlay is an all-male a cappella group who loves the stage. They started performing on theme park circuits in Orlando and had toured across the United States. The group is comprised of Earl Elkins Jr., Eli Jacobson, J. None, Layne Stein, and Geoff Castellucci. Listen to their fabulous rendition of Daddy Sang Bass” below.

The Inspiration of the Song

“Daddy Sang Bass” is a Johnny Cash-inspired country gospel song. It was Carl Perkins a longtime friend and partner of Cash on the road, who penned the lyrics. Its composition came about as a result of a life-changing experience. It has been known that Cash and Perkins had their own battles with drug addiction and alcoholism, respectively. But finding spiritual enlightenment, Cash turned to God all at once. That helped him curb his addiction. Moved by his partner’s transformation, Perkins penned the tune “Daddy Sang Bass.” It went on to become Cash’s 61st top hit on the country chart in 1968. The following year, Perkins recorded his own version of it on his album Greatest Hits. The record cracked the Billboard Country Album chart‘s Top 40 that same year.

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