June 14

Mo Pitney Reflects on Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord”

Mo Pitney

Are there times you feel weak and losing hope? Have you been in a situation wherein you almost gave up? Yes, we all, at some point in our lives, felt so down, and we need someone to lean on. Also, at this point, doubts strongly overpower our faith and hesitations slowly kill us. But please be reminded that God is there to guide us and lift us from all our miseries.

With this, it’s time to throw our worries to God and now is the best time to get closer to him. We may do this through simple acts such as praying, going to church, and listening to gospel music. It may pierce us and it may lead us nearer to God. Take time to reflect, like Mo Pitney. He will help you ponder and realize the goodness of Christ through the hymn “Why Me Lord.” Furthermore, the hymn will strengthen your faith in God.

Why Me Lord…

Kris Kristofferson wrote the words and lyrics of the song. Also, he initially recorded the song under his album “Jesus Was a Capricorn.”

Moreover, Kristofferson’s inspiration of the song was his experience in life. The words and lyrics were taken from the shallow points of his life. After attending a religious service, Kristofferson realized so many things which led him to write the downfall into a gospel song. Thinking that he doesn’t need help, but it turned out he’s a human after all. Certainly, Kristofferson surrendered to God which was his shield at that time from the disappointment, doubts, and disinclinations. With this, he penned “Why Me.”

The Lyrics…

Why me Lord, what have I ever done

To deserve even one

Of the pleasures, I’ve known

Tell me, Lord, what did I ever do

That was worth loving you

Or the kindness you’ve shown.

Lord help me, Jesus, I’ve wasted it so

Help me, Jesus, I know what I am

Now that I know that I’ve need you so

Help me, Jesus; my soul’s in your hand.

Tell me, Lord, if you think there’s a way

I can try to repay

All I’ve taken from you

Maybe, Lord, I can show someone else

What I’ve been through myself

On my way back to you.

Indeed, it is a song or a hymn has a story which we can relate to. Those songs can teach us a lesson and make us better human beings. It will strike to the point of changing us.

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