August 17

The Time Mo Pitney Transformed a Country Hater into a Country Lover

Mo Pitney/

Yes, Mo Pitney is a young lucid narrator of country music. He is new to the country music scheme. Nevertheless, he is working hard to fulfill his dreams and make a name to be aligned as one of the greatest country singers in the industry. Despite being a newbie, he has made a difference. Believe it or not, he just converted a country music hater into a country music lover.

It happened back in 2014 before Mo Pitney performed the song at the Grand Ole Opry. While on an airplane, he was seated beside a woman. He wanted a little conversation with the woman as they travel. The woman seems unfriendly at first. Then, he started to ask her some questions as small talk. He asked her what kind of music she listens to. The woman replied “Anything but Country.” So they talked a little longer, the woman asked what he’s doing. Mo Pitney said he “raps.” The woman looked at him and she said he’s lying. She then told Mo Pitney, he’s singing country songs.

Moreover, Mo Pitney decided to make her listen to one of his songs “Clean Up on Aisle Five.” The woman hesitated and didn’t want to listen. The woman even pulled out her headphones and warned him. He persuaded her and she got to hear him. She was able to listen to the whole song and she took off her headphones and to his surprise, the woman liked the song. Mo Pitney recalls the woman would want to listen to more of his music. He believed traditional country music transformed her to love the song.

That instance made Mo Pitney decide to play “Clean Up on Aisle Five” at the Grand Ole Opry. Despite people convincing him to play a more upbeat sound, he chose his single. At the Grand Ole Opry, he received a standing ovation after his performance.

Clean Up on Aisle Five…

Mo Pitney along with Wil Nance wrote the words and lyrics of “Clean Up on Aisle Five.” The inspiration behind the song was Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne.” On the other hand, Mo Pitney described the song as “sad and slow.” Moreover, Mo Pitney liked a break-up song so solemn that it didn’t have to do with a girl cleaning out her closet because the man wasn’t living through.

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Clean Up On Aisle Five, Mo Pitney, Will Nance

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