January 8

WATCH: Mo Pitney Proudly Professes His Irrevocable Faith in Christ

“People ask me why am I a Christian.
I say: because it’s the best deal”
– Mo Pitney

There’s nothing unusual with rising country singers possessing a rich, Southern drawl. Mo Pitney, definitely, has that covered well. But, there’s a force in him that sets him apart among other hopefuls.

One we’re sure about is his open identification with the Christian faith.

Let’s hear it straight from him in the following clip.  


Everyone needs inspiration including this rising star. What he found though was someone not as fleeting as this world’s praise. He found Jesus, the one he’ll be singing about. 

Next to Don the Don Williams’ Mantle?

Mo Pitney seems to possess the same charisma and aura of the late Don Williams: no prancing around, just flow with your music.

Like Williams, Pitney relies on the soul and heart he’s giving to each song he plays. That’s quite a risk considering the intense competition with other promising contemporary singers. Nevertheless, he’s proven that pure talent always trumps hypes.

He’ll just sit quietly on a chair, begin playing with his guitar, and soon, he’ll have a captivated audience. If that won’t make you remember Don Williams, I don’t know what will.

He Caught what He’s Grandfather Had

Similar to most PK (Pastor’s Kids) stories, Mo grew up saturated in Christian culture. It didn’t, however, penetrate his heart until he turned 22. Already on his way to stardom, Mo felt hollow. It was then that he realized that what he had in the long years as a Christian was mere head knowledge. Mo admitted that he had no conception of Christ’s reality. Thus, unable to truly express what having a relationship with him is like.

But God’s gracious and sent his friend, John to Mo. He told Mo how much he loves Jesus. John’s passion about his Savior stirred a godly jealousy in Mo. He wants what John has. Consequently, he spent the following weeks devouring the Bible until he got a breakthrough. In Mo’s words, he said that he caught what his grandfather had, “the spirit of God.”

Walking the Talk


Rev. G.O. Pitney, Mo’s granddad, was among those who pioneered Rockford Rescue Mission in the ’60s. Mo used that as his inspiration to establish “Nashville Rescue Mission.”He aims to use the initiative as a means to spread that timeless message of hope called the Gospel.


Mo Pitney

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