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Mo Pitney’s “Boy And A Girl Thing”: Reminisce Your Childhood

Mo Pitney's “Boy And A Girl Thing”: Reminisce Your Childhood 1

Do you still remember the time when you had your first love, your childhood lover? Like being infatuated with someone. Also, the flattery feeling when you see your boy, your girl. We have that feeling that we, be likely to blush. Yeah, the chills, the feels. Then reminisce the remembrance of yesterday.

Memories of Childhood…

The song alone can change our mood. “Boy And A Girl Thing” gives us the memories of our childhood.

You eat voraciously together not minding the stains all over. Doing crazy things and kinds of stuff that you laugh about. He taught you to ride the bike. She taught you to love the flowers. He taught you to climb the tree. She taught you to build the blocks. If you paint, it would look like the ugliest painting on earth but for her, it is a masterpiece. Moreover, if you sing, it would sound like a smashed cd but for him, it is an angel. When she cries, you pamper her. And when he fights, you cheer for him.

Most of the time you agree on what to do. Those fun, crazy, and silly things you did together when you were younger.

Little did you know, you are changing? You feel a little different when he, she is around. Admit it, there is this slight awkwardness that strikes when your body touch. You are both nervous to talk to each other. Indeed, you do not know what to say. You try to change your wardrobe. For girls, they mimic their moms. Looking at the mirror, putting powder on their faces like an actress and wearing their moms’ dresses like models. For boys, a stroke of pomade with a pose of Elvis Presley then wink and spraying their dads’ perfume. And the “KISS”, the very first kiss. Stroppy isn’t it but I know you’ll agree with me, it’s the utmost feeling on earth.

As the lyrics say…

She’ll stop wearin’ pigtails
And get the braces off her teeth
He’ll stop makin’ faces
And start savin’ her a seat…

It’s a boy and a girl thing
A girl and a boy thing

She’ll start wearin’ makeup
And he’ll start noticin’ the curves
They’ll get a little nervous
When she’s with him and he’s with her…

And all of a sudden, emotions have gone deeper. You grew more and more. You matured. Embarrassment turned into comfy feelings. Fun turned into serious conversations. Playing turned into a date. Then the two of you started to say “I love you’s”.

Just exactly what the last lines meant…

They’ll throw around ‘I love you’s’
Start makin’…

The Song…The Vocals…

There are good reviews about the song. It really paints a realistic picture of how does a relationship emerge between a boy and a girl. Also, it makes it enjoyable and believable. From youngsters to teens to elders.

Boy And A Girl Thing showed how good Pitney vocally. It showed his smooth and not so strong vocals. Pitney used perfect lyrics to make it acceptable to the listeners. Furthermore, he made the song more appealing that it would not come out so dramatically. These are the ingredients the song can fly you back to your childhood.


Mo Pitney

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