May 29

Mo Pitney Keeps Traditional Country Music Alive with “Borrowed Angels”

Many don’t consider the country music these days as “real country” because they sound different from what it used to be. Furthermore, it is rare to find young country artists who can preserve, or even more, perform classic hits. However, we don’t have to worry too much as there are still young artists who keep the traditional country in their hearts. It is a pleasure to mention Mo Pitney as one of the young musicians who keep real country music alive.

mo pitney borrowed angel
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Mo Pitney, Keepin’ it Country

Pitney made his way to country music when he released his single “Country” in 2014. The song reached the Top 40 of the chart. Despite his distinctive voice that leans toward the traditional country, Pitney is not as famous as other young country singers. He made his name in the world of country, but not as shiny and extravagant as Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and more. However, even if he’s not as popular as others, Pitney was able to gain a fan base. How can you not love his voice? He’s a rare gem in country music nowadays if we’re talking about the traditional sounding country.

Here’s a performance of Pitney which will prove his talent.

In the Video

Before Pitney began singing “Borrowed Angels,” he shared a short story of how he got to know the song. He said that he heard it on a convention when he tagged along with his father. Pitney began singing the song at the age of eleven. He even joked that his father got in trouble because of it. He continued by sharing that his mother doesn’t want him to sing the song in their house. However, as Pitney said, he’s singing it because “It’s all about the music.”

“Borrowed Angels”

“Borrowed Angels” was written and performed by country artist Mel Street. This was the first song he released as a single that made it to the top ten of the country chart. It was the stepping stone of his career. However, Street was only able to be on the spotlight for six years, as he took his life on the day of his 43rd birthday.


Mel Street, Mo Pitney

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