June 23

Miranda Lambert & Steve Earle Collab: “This is How it Ends”

It’s no secret that Miranda Lambert looks up to Steve Earle as her musical inspiration. In her interview about the song “Kerosene,” the Grammy Award winner singer publicly explained that she listened to Steve Earle’s “I Feel Alright” over and over to the point of copying the melody and structure for “Kerosene.”

She said from an interview:

 “I didn’t purposefully plagiarize his song — but unconsciously I copied it almost exactly. I guess I’d listened to it so much that I just kind of had it in there.”

Miranda Lambert and Steve Earle for "This is How it Ends."

So You Wanna Be an Outlaw, This is How it Ends

It might be a really weird way to start your first collaboration with your idol but Lambert and Earle are two country artists who are very public when it comes to their divorces. After a video leaked of “This is How it Ends,” the public had a very clear direction on where the song is going.

“This is How it Ends” is a song that tells about two people looking back at how a relationship was bound to be destroyed from the start. Country music critics and magazines are quick to realize that the song matches the vocal power of the country household names.

Some also noted that Steve Earle’s weary voice gave a much heartbreaking vibe to the stand-out song on Earle’s new album.

Miranda Lambert and Steve Earle met in a Nashville beauty shop which started the former’s collaboration for “So You Wanna Be an Outlaw.”

Other songs featured on the LP include outlaws such as Billy Joe Shaver (“Ain’t No God in Mexico”), Willie Nelson (“Sister’s Coming Home”/”Down at the Corner Beer Joint” and “The Local Memory”) and, of course, Waylon Jennings (“Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”.)

Kerosene, Steve Earle

When asked about whether or, not Steve Earle would have sued Miranda Lambert of “Kerosene” issue, Steve Earle exclaimed:

“I hadn’t even heard it, and I felt bad telling her that I never would have done anything about it either if I’d known, because I don’t do shit like that,”

I’ve been sued enough, mainly divorces, so I don’t particularly care to be involved in that myself.”

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