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Miranda Lambert on owning Louis Vuitton vs Her Dogs: “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”


When Miranda Lambert is asked about her favorite things and you might have guessed that it is of a high dollar amount, Miranda Lambert candidly explained instead how her rescue dogs trump an expensive Louis Vuitton bag.  “The only Louis Vuitton purse I ever owned was given to me, and it lost its handles really quickly. So I gave up on nice things. My dogs are more important than nice things, I realize”

Miranda Lambert Interview

This Buzzfeed, interview is so important not only because it shows us a different side of Miranda Lambert but it gives us a glimpse on the causes that she supports as well as her favorites that might either make you say “Me Too!” or just plainly leave you in awe.

On this interview, the “Kerosene” country songstress dishes about her favorite place to eat in Nashville, the songs she dearly keeps on her playlist, the non-country singer she’d love to collaborate with and her fave cocktail which we want to get the alco-mixture at this moment. All of these answers while playing with her equally adorable puppies. Something we definitely want to see more on stage while she strums the guitar (if possible!)

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Here’s the full interview:


What was a favorite thing of yours that your dogs have chewed up?

Miranda Lambert: My dogs have chewed a lot of interesting things. The only Louis Vuitton purse I ever owned was given to me, and it lost its handles really quickly. So I gave up on nice things. My dogs are more important than nice things, I realize!

If you had to collaborate with a non-country artist, who would it be?

ML: There’s a lot, I think, but I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé. I think every girls’ answer would be Beyoncé!

What is your favorite mixed drink?

ML: My favorite mixed drink is Tito’s Vodka and La Croix.

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What was your favorite album or song to record?

ML: I don’t have a favorite song or album because they’re all my babies. They’re like my dogs. But I really enjoyed the process of this last record called The Weight of These Wings because I took my time on it and spent over a year writing for it, and I sort of got to explore my songwriting in a different way than I ever have before.

Do you have any music on your phone that would shock people?

ML: I am a huge Audioslave fan, so I’d say that’s pretty different than the rest of the stuff on my iPod — old school!

What inspired you to start your organization, MuttNation Foundation?

ML: My passion for dogs and rescue dogs and mutts. If you are not a dog lover yet, you should become one. And I would say adopt, don’t shop — love a shelter pet!


Watch the full interview here:

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Certainly, Miranda Lambert is no phony when it comes to her advocacy of giving shelter to dogs. Her only Twitter Moment is an adorable photo of her and the rest of her gang:


H/T: BuzzFeed


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