November 6

Miranda Lambert is Not Happy About December

Unlike some who are already super ecstatic about the holidays this early, Miranda Lambert is not so keen that December is just around the corner. For the country star, it is mind-boggling why people are so eager to embrace December when in fact, we had just started with the month of November. She’s one of the confused skeptics incessantly asking themselves, “Why is Christmas here already??”

Yes, one morning, we woke up, realized August was over and in came the cold and sometimes sunshiny and warm brew of the so-called ‘Ber’ months. September and October passed so breezily, and already people are making wish lists, planning exchange gifts, and donning their humble abodes with Christmas trees and shimmery decorations.

That’s clearly not fair at all for the second to the last month of the year. What about the special and beautiful 30 days we can celebrate during the month of November?

For Miranda, Thanksgiving isn’t the only special event people seem to be forgetting.

Just recently, Lambert tweeted,

“Why? Why is Christmas here already? What about NOV? I mean it’s my B-day month. Dear Thanksgiving, we’ve canceled your reservation.”

The singer’s birthday is only four days away, and it is truly reasonable for her to throw a frustrated fit and feel a bit disappointed that her special day is being overshadowed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to mention, all the fuss about Halloween seems to have already sucked a huge amount of anticipation for the celebration of her day of birth.

Perhaps this is a constant struggle for people like Miranda Lambert who were born on November?

So, to not make our dear country superstar feel any more left out, maybe we can take a breather from the early Christmas and Thanksgiving plans first. Instead, let’s join her in anticipating the countdown to her upcoming 34th birthday. After all, just like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas, birthdays take place only once a year. It is only right that we make it as special and memorable as we can.

For her birthday, Lambert plans to take a short break first from performing on the road. This is also in preparation for her upcoming Livin’ Like Hippies tour this coming January 2018.


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