October 27

Miranda Lambert Gets Inspiration from her Three Major M’s

The very successful Miranda Lambert can give her fans so many tips and secrets on how she stays so vibrant, strong, and successful in everything she aspires to do. In one of her most recent interviews for Redbook magazine, the country royalty reveals that she also owes her motivation to keep striving for excellence to the three major M’s in her life.

Lambert enumerated that the first M is music. Of course, songwriting and singing have been her lifeblood even before she has stepped into the limelight and made a huge name for herself. Music is the deep bond that connects the singer to her supporters and helps keep her composure and feet on the ground no matter how hurdles in her personal life and career test her. In fact, her most recent album, The Weight of These Wings was a massive hit. It won this year’s Album of the Year at the ACM Awards, earned four-star reviews from AllMusic, The Guardian,  and Rolling Stone, an average of seven to eight stars from Exclaim!, Pitchfork, and PopMatters. Aside from the musical success, it has added to her career, Lambert admits that the album was such a huge help for her when she was still coping with her divorce with fellow country star, Blake Shelton.

The next M that Lambert is referring to is Mutts. Yes, the country artist herself simply couldn’t contain her love for pets. In December 2009, Miranda Lambert and her mom, Bev Lambert founded MuttNation Foundation, a donation-supported organization that caters to saving animals that have been victims of abuse and neglect. The said organization also provides shelter and food for stray and homeless animals. Now about to reach its 8th year helping so many of our furry friends, MuttNation has helped make possible countless programs that promote animal protection and love.

Finally, Lambert’s third M used to be such a huge factor in her life, as she would describe it.

Men used to be on that list, but I cut that one out. Just kidding! It was the three M’s, and now it’s two. No, it is three. The last one is Miranda.”

Who knows? Maybe she’ll add a dozen more M’s in her life that will make things more meaningful and colorful for her.


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