December 8

How Country Music Queen Miranda Lambert Celebrates Christmas

Christmas is just about two weeks away and we’re pretty sure some of you are wondering how else you can make holidays with your family and loved ones unique. Aside from shaking up your usual Christmas recipe, there’s also planning to visit new places and that one-of-a-kind gifts to give. But, what if we can help you spice up your Christmas country music style?

That’s right—the elegantly tough country star Miranda Lambert shared her own shopping list for the holidays. This is just the perfect timing for when you want to add a different, country rock-rebel twist to how you normally celebrate the Christmas season.

To start off, Lambert’s holiday list consists of items that you can purchase online, (with the exception of some items available at your local grocery store). You’ll need to purchase the following: a how-to book on canning, dog toys, snacks, Texas skillet, songs/tunes from her musician boyfriend, Anderson East, vodka, and some snacks.

You might’ve squinted your eyes a bit at the reveal and thought her list was pretty random. But Miranda Lambert has her own specific reasons for purchasing all the said items. First, the book about canning can be a great gift for your friend or loved one who enjoys the wonders of domestic up keeping. Lambert recommends The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving, something which she bought this year for the sake of learning the essentials of canning.

“Everyone is getting pickles and preserves I made wrapped in beautiful bandanas.”

She even made her own concoction called Bloody Mary Pickles.

We’re all aware that Miranda Lambert is such a huge animal lover. Thus, finding items for our furry friends on her list should no longer be a surprise. If you are looking for a gift to give to the dog lover in your life, Lambert highly suggests that you pick the Dog Treat Guitar Toy from MuttNation. Purchasing pet essentials at MuttNation will also help add more proceeds that will be used for shelter pets to find a new home.

The Texas-shaped Cast Iron Skillet from Junk Gipsy is Lambert’s go-to cooking utensil to satisfy her deep love for Texas and cooking. Meanwhile, Tito’s Vodka & Cheetos is her go-to combo for the last minute gift. For the singer, Christmas would not be the same without the killer combo. Last but not the least, are tunes from the latest album of her beloved Anderson East. Describing the distinct musical style of East, Miranda Lambert shares that the album Encore is perfect for anyone who’s into the Southern soul. She also promises that the music is so good, it will stay with you for days.

And there you have it, a list of cool items to add to your holiday list to make your Christmas more extraordinary.


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