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One of Jesus’ Miracles Told In “My Name is Lazarus”

One of Jesus' Miracles Told In "My Name is Lazarus" 1

A prominent story of Jesus’ miracle told in the Gospel of John is that of Lazarus. In 1999, the American Southern gospel music trio Greater Vision recorded a song relative to this. Included in their album Far Beyond This Place, the gospel song is entitled “My Name is Lazarus.” With their rich vocal, the trio performed it in a fascinating style. Apart from entertaining the audience with their performance, the group was also able to communicate clearly the message of the song to them.

The story of the Raising of Lazarus

The restoration of Lazarus to life is a subject of a notable miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John, particularly found in chapter 11 of the book. Lazarus lives in the town of Bethany and a follower of Jesus. One day, Lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha informed Jesus that their brother was ill. Upon hearing the news, Jesus intended not to travel right away to Lazarus’ place. Instead, He stayed two more days prior to His journey.

When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus was already in his tomb as he has been dead for four days. Martha felt sad that Jesus did not come in time to heal her brother. Jesus replies with this famous statement,

“I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” (John 11: 25-26)

After saying the above, Jesus cried in front of the crowd. He asked for the stone covering the tomb’s entrance to be moved. After uttering a short prayer, He called Lazarus to come out. Still wrapped in his grave-clothes, Lazarus came out – so alive. People who have witnessed this event had different reactions. While many believed in Him, others are said to report the events to the religious authorities in Jerusalem. Considering you were there when Jesus raised Lazarus from death, what will your reaction be? Will you believe in Christ’s power? It is our pleasure to hear your thoughts on the comment section.

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Greater Vision, Lazarus

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