December 6

Oh, “What A Difference You’ve Made in My Life,” Dear God!

Could there be anyone else in the world who can make such a difference in our lives than God? I mean, He is God. He created everything and all is under His control. Even the things we thought were initiated by men are God’s inspiration. Most of the time, we fail to recognize His wondrous work in our lives because we focus more on the worldly things. But if we take some time to reflect on our lives every single day, we’ll realize how much God is making a difference in us.

Because of His immense love for His children, God is always at work to let them feel His presence. And He won’t stop doing so until every soul finds their way back to Him. Isn’t that touching, knowing you have a God who won’t give up on you no matter how much of a sinner you are? If you ain’t still convinced, try listening to the song “What A Difference You’ve Made in My Life.”

The inspirational tune delivers a strong message from its narrator. The lyrics simply express adoration for the Almighty for the great things He’s done in the singer’s life. Everyone can be like the narrator in this song. It’s only a matter of giving God a few moments, thanking Him for making a difference in our lives time and again.

The Song and Its Remarkable Covers

The inspirational song “What A Difference You’ve Made in My Life” is Archie Jordan’s composition. It became a well-known tune in 1977, thanks to two great artists who recorded it. The contemporary Christian music artist Amy Grant, who was still a teenager at that time, and country music singer Ronnie Milsap both covered the song that same year. Grant’s version appeared on her self-titled debut album. The record became a sought-after item in many Christian bookstores and outlets in the U.S. Following the song’s release as a single to Christian-oriented radio stations, it climbed instantly to the 5th spot on the US Christian charts. Eventually, it helped propel the singer to fame in this music subgenre.

While Grant’s version was highly successful, Milsap’s cover was even better-known. Released as the second single on his 1977 album It Was Almost Like a Song, the song quickly became a chart-topper. It gave Milsap his ninth No. 1 country hit. In 2009, the “Pure Love” singer recorded the song again and included it on his country gospel album Then Sings My Soul.

Watch Milsap’s live performance of “What A Difference You’ve Made in My Life” below.


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