September 21

Ronnie Milsap and His “Daydreams About Night Things”

The Song

42 years ago today, in 1975, Ronnie Milsap was at the peak of his career as he  logged his fourth #1 hit: “Daydreams About Night Things.” Songwriter John Schweers was writing for Pi-Gem Music, a company from which Milsap, along with Charley Pride, acquired most of their songs.

Schweers had Pride in mind for “Daydreams About Night Things,” while at the same time he was writing “She’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory,” thinking Ronnie might do that one. But by that point, Milsap had decided to record more “light-hearted” material, so he and Pride flipped the two songs. Charley did “She’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory” (and had a #1 hit with it) and Ronnie cut “Daydreams About Night Things.”

His Style

Ronnie Milsap made an announcement in Nashville that he would only consider recording “positive, uptempo” material, in blunt difference to the stereotype of country music at that time. “Daydreams About Night Things” perfectly fit Milsap, although songwriter John Schweers never thought of Milsap when he wrote it. John claimed it was an easy song to write because he had recently married his longtime girlfriend, and was definitely having “daydreams about night things in the middle of the afternoon.”

Schweers wrote both “Daydreams About Night Things” and “She’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory” within a two-week span of time. He first offered “Daydreams About Night Things” to Charley Pride while sending “She’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory” over to Milsap. Each artist turned down the song John had sent to him, later recording the other one. Ronnie, in fact, personally called Schweers while he was out showing a house to tell John he was cutting “Daydreams About Night Things.”

The Challenge

One roadblock they encountered was that making the record turned out to be an expensive endeavor for RCA Victor. The recording session was the first held at RCA Studio A and they use a brand new console. Everything sounded fine during the recording process, but later, they discovered the tracks were distorted which a financial loss of $3,000 for the label. RCA absorbed the cost, and while engineers re-wired the new console in Studio A, Milsap was brought in to re-cut the ruined tracks in a small room in the back of the RCA building called Studio C, an area not as big as anybody’s living room. All the musicians were sandwiched in there, along with the Jordanaires. There was barely enough room to move, but in that tiny room was where the re-cut of “Daydreams About Night Things” was completed. It became Ronnie’s fourth #1 single on September 20, 1975, for a two-week stay at the top spot.

As we see, sometimes destiny belongs to one person, things happen if it’s truly meant to happen despite the setbacks they encounter. Do you also believe that everything happens for a reason?


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