August 29

Millennials and Breasts: The Secret to Why Hooters Restaurants Are Closing?

These days, it seems like the generation of Millennials has strong influences on commercial and household products to jewelry and even food chains. One of the unfortunate establishments to bid farewell thanks to the Millennials deciding factor, is the widely known boob-friendly restaurant, Hooters.

According to an adult entertainment website, they discovered that millennials (aged 18-24) are 19% less likely to search for the ‘breasts’ on their website compared to older individuals. The company is known for keeping tabs on subscribers viewing habits for their “late night entertainment”. Millennials aren’t also likely to be searching “natural breasts”—at least not as much as they would “fake breasts”.

As a result, beloved food chains like Hooters suffered from a dramatic drop in sales and revenue. From 2012 to 2016, a significant number of Hooters restaurant branches went down to over 7%. Their sales went stagnant as well. The restaurant tried to cater to the younger groups in the market by spicing up their menu with new meal items and deviating their recipes’ main focus on breasts. This is a major change for the renowned “breast-aurant” since they’ve always been addressing the Generation X market.

Opening a brand new joint was another of the food chain’s attempts to charm younger customers. They opened a new and more casual side business called, ‘Hoots’. Hoots serves dishes that lean more toward wings than breasts.

Other long established restaurants like Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, and Ruby Tuesday are also struggling to stay in the market after they’ve closed numerous branches across the state. All this is due to the uniquely and rapidly changing interests and demands of millennials.

Some of you may think that millennials are causing such pain and backlash to the economy, but let’s not forget that they now comprise a bigger chunk of our present-day population. Thus, it would also be a wise move for entrepreneurs to keep an eye on things that pique the interest of this particular generation since there is now strong evidence of the ripple effect they can bring to different types of businesses.

If you were in Hooters’ shoes, what drastic changes would you make to keep your business from dwindling down?


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  • Close. With this day and age, that restaurant is laughable. Big breasts are just not in style anymore. The only women getting boob jobs, are the aging demographic, who still consider “in style” (and I can speak from a personal perspective, I have implants- I’m 41, and they just aren’t “cool” anymore with the younger generation). The days of Playboy aren’t here anymore. With the #MeToo movement, the days of women being treated like objects are GONE….. thank God.

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