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Walking on that “Milky White Way” Sounds Really Exciting

Walking on that "Milky White Way" Sounds Really Exciting 1
Elvis Presley/Photo credit: theconservation.com

The King of Rock and Rock had once sung, Yes, I’m gonna walk on that milky white way / Oh Lord, some of these days. More than forty years ago, Elvis Presley finally began that journey. We are sure that the singer is now happily walking on that “Milky White Way” with God and the angels.

“Milky White Way” was one of the first gospel songs that Presley recorded in the 1960’s along with In My Father’s House” and Swing Down Sweet Chariot.” His cover of this Lander Coleman-penned tune was included on his first gospel album His Hand in MineAlthough Presley was not the first to record it, his interpretation of the gospel standard is undeniably exceptional. Was there any Presley song that failed to capture the listeners’ hearts anyway?

Listen to Elvis Presley’s recording of Milky White Way” below.

The “Milky White Way” Song

Before Elvis Presley, a well-known black quartet from Baltimore has recorded “Milky White Way” in 1947. The song became an enormous hit for the CBS Trumpeteers turning the song into a million-selling hit a year after they recorded it. Back then, the quartet had a famous morning radio show and used “Milky White Way” as the program’s theme song. That, most probably, had amplified the song’s success considering its wide exposure to the audience.

“Milky White Way” is a heartwarming song that basically talks about heaven. The singer metaphorically described the place as “Milky White Way.” In the song, the narrator expresses his desire to be walking on the said place one day. He mentioned three people whom he’ll be meeting as soon as he arrives there. They were the Christian band, his mother, and of course God. He also stated the things he’ll be doing upon meeting those people face to face. For example, he’ll be greeting his mother and shake her hands warmly. And when he finally meets God, he’ll tell Him his troubles and the world he came from. The singer joyously wished to walk with each of them on the milky white way.

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