July 26

Military Service Dog Reunites with His Soldier: Grab Tissues Ya’ll


Photo credits: Sniff & Barkens

Taylor is a yellow Labrador and Military Service Dog. He is also known as “Tay-Tay” and “Prince Taylor.” She served her country not only on one occasion but in two deployments. She did a very good to the point that the Taliban put a bounty on her head.

With any dog, is a master by her side. Sgt. Tom Hanson and Taylor had each other’s backs and protected each other. Taylor even sniffed and detected bombs near his feet which saved his life.

Recently, Taylor retired from the military and she is no longer in any kind of danger that could hurt her.

After military dogs accomplish their service, they are usually put up for adoption so reunions between their partner soldiers are very costly. As a result, making it a reality is almost close to impossible but this is where Molli Oliver comes in.

Although Molli is a flight attendant, her true passion is to reunite military men and women with the dogs they serve with. She uses her own pocket money to fly military dogs home to make it possible for them to reunite with their soldiers by adopting them and giving them loving homes.

“Any cost is worth it to see the look on a soldier’s face when he has his dog back.”

Oliver sees her work something more than simply reuniting military working dogs and their soldiers. She is grateful to be given the chance and be in the position to educate people and to advocate for some changes. She calls such as “the gray areas in Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carriers Act,” for example, regarding dogs for PTSD sufferers, which include up to 30 percent of all veterans at some point in their lives, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

The tear-jerking reunion in Boise, Idaho, was captured by NBC Nightly News. In the video below, we will see Sgt. Hanson who anxiously waiting for Taylor’s arrival for their long-awaited reunion.

“Where’s Daddy?” Molli says to Taylor on the plane (and in first class, mind you). “We’re gonna go find him!”

Watch the incredible and touching moment as Taylor excitedly run towards her dad’s arms. running straight into her dad’s arms. Thanks to Mollie and her advocacy.

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