August 24

Miley Goes Back to Country Roots in Her “Younger Now” Video

Eventhough, Miley has been in the pop music genre, she still keeps her country roots in her. In the new music video for her song “Younger Now,” she channeled some traditional country glam while putting her unique style in it.

Lying in a Victorian-style nightgown was the beginning of the Miley Cyrus’ new video. It has a dreamlike scene where she was gazing wishfully as she ponders her path far in life. The 80’s inspired tune provided the backdrop as she explores her journey. Shifting from scene to scene, she tries out different styles. She puts on the fuchsia satin, an oversized belt buckle and the rhinestones to accompany a faux hawk-esque hairstyle, strumming an acoustic guitar, in one scene, and in another dons a baby blue rhinestone-encrusted jumpsuit while children dressed as mimes run around her.

One of the few quirky settings that repeat throughout, Miley hangs out with a puppet dressed in a scout leader’s uniform. In another setting, she was on the town with elderly drag queens. Her New record is going to be released on September 29 and a lot of fans preordered to get a download of the title track as well as two additional tracks.

When Miley Cyrus is not into working on her songs, she sits on one of the red spinning chairs as a judge on The Voice. Lately she asked her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, to be an advisor to her team this fall. She and her dad seem to be reached a shared respect for the one another after the stormy times in their relationship form her Hannah Montana days.

See the video of Miley Cyrus’ “Younger Now” below and let us know if the video country enough to be accepted by the reckneck nation. Of course, also share this question to other country fans.




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