December 18

Miley Cyrus Proclaims “War is Over!” with her Christmas Cover

Happy Xmas

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson revitalize a John Lennon classic. In a timely Christmas bop, they share what Christmas really means in the song “War is Over!” Cyrus and Ronson take a step further this month by releasing another song after the team released “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” just a few weeks back. This song is a sharp contrast to the disco/pop/country bop. If “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is lively with romantic country guitar licks, the duo scaled back with “War is Over!” They stripped down the original score to its bare bones and injected it with Cyrus’ country twang.

Come and take a listen to both! First up, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”!

And here is “War is Over!”

Cyrus offers us a different side of her in this Christmas cover. There is a certain sense of softness and care. The message of peace is emphasized with the sense of wonder that we get from her voice. Ronson did an amazing job producing the track. His arrangement of the song definitely complimented the whole vibe that they were going for, as well as her vocal range and presence.

War is Over!

Did you know that this song was originally by John Lennon? This song was released in 1971 as a single by the Plastic Ono Band, a band that John Lennon and Yoko Ono made. They also highlighted the talents of the Harlem Community Choir in the song.

The song is set to the traditional English Ballad “Skewball.” It features the soft folk vibe that Lennon would always exhibit in his songs. It is a striking contrast to the vocally powerful version of Ronson and Cyrus.

Listen to Lennon’s Original right here!

It is also considered a protest song against the Vietnam War during its time. “War is Over” literally called for peace during its time, and it is but just that it is honored as a Christmas standard. It is now but a continuing hope and a wish that we must practice the peace that it clamors for.


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