January 8, 2018

MIKE CALDWELL: Country Music’s Best Kept Secret UNLEASHED!

NOTE: I’m having a bit of an issue putting in a FOTO of Mike Caldwell HERE. Would you be kind enough to help? Thunkst!

kissing good ol’tin…

YEP ME COUNTRY FOLKS, this article’s title might as well be Mike Caldwell’s Album Cover Title. That is if (of course) he ever came out with one. But you kind folks need not fret or have them (pardon the [intended] pun) blues for we’ve always got Youtube. So as many other avenues to witness Mike kissing that good ol’tin.

biting the bug then being smitten at the age of 10…

CLOSE TO THIS HEART OF HEARTS of mine is this what you call the blues harp which is more commonly known as the harmonica. And as Mike, I was bitten by the bug then smitten at the age of 10. Uhuh, I play quite well but not as bad ass as THE Mike Caldwell of course.

 verily Hallelujah-Lord-God-Almighty-Amen mind-blowing…!

MAN, hearing him blow that magnificent little instrument is verily Hallelujah-Lord-God-Almighty-Amen mind-blowing! You know, I am a Scout myself and I too had a great Scoutmaster as Mike. So I would say God Bless Caldwell’s Scoutmaster’s soul wherever he is right now. For whippin’ out his harp and giving Mike the basics—God Bless You, Sir! Mike Caldwell eventually came out not too shabby at all. Not at all. In an interview he narrates:

“I began plinking out melodies on the piano at the age of 4, so by the time I first encountered the harmonica at age 10 my passion for music had already been ignited. I remember the exact moment I was bitten by the harmonica bug. I was on a Boy Scout camp-out in the Las Padres National Forest. As we sat around the campfire, my Scoutmaster pulled out his Marine Band in the key of C and broke into a spirited version of “Wildwood Flower” in old-school/straight harp/tongue-blocking style… I was mesmerized!”

Again, I’d say “AMEN” to that!

OKAY, FOR Y’ALL FOLKS who aren’t familiar with THE Mike Caldwell, here is a treat from me to you…

PRESENTING from the 2012 Country Tonite Show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee…


THIS IS Our Kind of Country and as ALWAYS…

“May The Lord God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!”


mike caldwell

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