June 21

Listen and Swoon to Michael Ray’s New Single “Get To You”

Michael Ray recently dropped his newest lead single from his sophomore self-titled album called “Get To You.” It was written by Abe Stoklasa and Pavel Dovgalyuk which gave the “Kiss You in the Morning” singer’s new followers a different side on his vocal prowess as far as substance is considered.

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Country singer Michael Ray singing Get to You

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Get to You, Interviews

The song gives Michael Ray the control in  his narrative about a certain woman running away his pursuit of love while explaining that it’s understandable why the woman might be scared of him trying to get to her. Music video features Ray in a car searching the road for the woman of his life while different scenes were shot beautifully from parks to ocean views.

On one of his interviews, Michael Ray profoundly explained that he was working hard to give a different version of himself to his fans and to see that his followers would know his journey while making these hit songs from “Kiss You in the Morning” to his recently released “Get to You.”

He said, “It’s different vocally, I’ve been working with a vocal coach in L.A. and we’ve been doing Skype sessions. I think I owe it to the fans. I owe it to them and I owe it to the songwriters and I owe it to my team to be the best that I can be and to step it up to the next level that this sophomore album needs to be. I feel like we’ve made that step.”

Days before dropping “Get To You,” the country artist has been seen celebrating his second top song “Think a Little Less” which debuted No. 1 on the country charts.

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New Album

Details about the new sophomore album have not yet been fully revealed but Ray has been working once again alongside Scott Hendricks. He told Sounds Like Nashville:

“He’s a genius and he requires you to step up. I believe that you’ll see that in the new single,” he shares. “It goes to radio next month. We’re real excited for it.”

Watch the music video of “Get to You” here:



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