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“Too Good to be True” Last Top Song of Michael Peterson

michael peterson too good to be true

Michael Peterson’s last song to enter the top the of the US Billboard charts was “Too Good to be True.” It peaked at the No. 8 position on the US Billboard Country Airplay charts in 1998. Furthermore, his song remained for a total of 20 weeks on the chart. Also, it peaked at No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

“Too Good to be True.” It is the number eight single on his album Michael Peterson. The album peaked at No. 17 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums Chart in 1997. Remaining for a total of 71 weeks on the chart.

All About the Song

Have you ever taken anyone for granted? Have you been taken for granted by anyone? Michael Peterson’s song “Too Good to be True” is exactly what you need to hear and to know that not caring for the person you love will lead to something you will regret. The character in the song didn’t appreciate what he has and how lucky he was with his woman. He just thinks that she will stay with him forever until she finally gave up. She was tired of him playing around with other girls. Therefore, she decided that she deserves better than being with someone who doesn’t care at all.

The Music Video

Michael Peterson entered a building where he is going to perform a song. The people living in it were sleeping. People heard him play the music and some complained while others followed the sound and joined the party. Steven Goldmann directed the video in 1998.

Michael Peterson

Peterson began his career in 1996 wherein he released his first two singles in 1997, “Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie” and “From Here to Eternity.” Both of his songs topped the US Billboard Charts at No. 3 and No. 1. In 2013, he released his album We Are Veterans. Last March he celebrated the 20th year of the release of his self-titled album.

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Michael Peterson, too good to be true

  • Drink swear steal and lie is one of my all time favorite songs but it’s hard to not like everything Michael Peterson sings

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