April 15

Michael Peterson and His Promise “From Here to Eternity”

What is the most unforgettable memory on your wedding day? Do you still remember it? Can you recall the song that played as you walked down the aisle? I hope that you had a blast on that big day. Anyway, have you ever heard of the hit “From Here to Eternity” by Michael Peterson? If not, then better listen to it. I’ll guarantee you that when you listen to the song, you’ll fall in love all over again.

Michael Peterson, from here to eternity
Photo Credits: Michael Peterson/ Youtube

Time Travel with Michael Peterson

He was born on August 7, 1959, in Tucson, Arizona. Peterson grew up in a humble household, during which his grandmother listened to Cole Porter and Roger Miller. Michael Peterson started his career in 1996, and he was able to produce hit after hit. Some of his notable songs include “Drink, Sweater, Steal, and Lie,” “Too Good to be True,” and “By the Book.”

Michael Peterson, from here to eternity
Photo Credit: Micheal Peterson/ kenmcmeanspresents.com

Some of his hits also entered the Billboard charts, and his career also skyrocketed outside the United States. Peterson proved how great he is, thus, he is admired by a lot of people.

The Hit That Will Melt Your Heart

From Here to Eternity” was recorded by the American country singer Michael Peterson. He’s also “From Here to Eternity” known to write the song with Robert Ellis Orrall. The song was released as a single in 1997. This became the second song to be released from his self-titled album. Moreover, upon the song’s release, it landed on the number one spot in Billboard Hot Country Singles.

Initially, the hit is about faith, but it turned out to be a love song particularly a promise to a lover. In spite of this, the song was loved by a lot of people, and it was also praised by numerous critics. If you’re having a hard time looking for the perfect wedding song you might want to consider this.


Michael Peterson

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