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Michael Bublé Turns “Always on my Mind” into a Classic Jazz

Michael Bublé Turns "Always on my Mind" into a Classic Jazz 1
Michael Buble (image from Billboard)

Jazz music in this generation tags along with the name Michael Bublé. He has become a distinguished neo-crooner, with his music influenced by notable classic singers such as Frank Sinatra and other modern artists.

Since the release of his debut album in 2001, his audience has been craving for more from him. Up to this moment, he has sold a total of over 55 million albums worldwide. His cover of various jazz and swing classics have touched the heart of the crowd. Some of his extraordinary songs include “The Best is yet to Come” and “I’ve Got the World on a Sting.”

In 2007, Bublé once again awed the music world with his cover of  “Always on my Mind,” on an AOL Music Sessions performance. With the subtle accompaniment of his band, he sat solo on the center stage and threw a country cover into a mix. His velvet voice spellbindingly turned the country song into a classy jazz. His voice thoroughly lends a hint of heartbreak like a hot knife smoothly cutting a butter. You might as well ready a tissue on your side, just in case you get carried away.

Though Michael’s cover was never released on vinyl or CD, his version is still considered as one of the best. Some artists have also given their best in performing the song. They include Brenda Lee, Elvis Presley, Gwen McCrae, and the most successful cover was released by Willie Nelson.

Michael Bublé Turns "Always on my Mind" into a Classic Jazz 2
Willie Nelson (image from pbs.twimg.com)

Always on my Mind

Songwriters Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson penned “Always on my Mind” decades ago. Carson reportedly wrote most of the songs in 10 minutes at his kitchen table. Later on, he completed the song with Christopher and James. The song’s content focuses on a universal feeling that majority on the planet has been through.

Among all the artists who recorded the song, Willie Nelson had the most successful results. His version won three awards during the 25th Grammy Awards, including other recognition from Country Music Association. The track received a Platinum certification and was inducted to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008.

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