January 28

Metallica Covers Loretta Lynn’s “You’re Lookin’ at Country”

Who would have thought that heavy metal Metallica was a Loretta Lynn fan? They honored her by doing their own rendition of the song “You’re Lookin’ at Country” at their Nashville concert.

via Metallica’s Official Facebook Page

Metallica has been rocking and knocking our socks off for almost a decade. In fact, they have been running around and playing for people at their world tour. The band has been considered as one of the biggest acts on the globe, and touching almost every corner with their music.

It was their first time to perform in Nashville, and front man James Hetfield was eager to welcome everyone.

“Whether it’s your 50th time or your first time here seeing Metallica, welcome to the Metallica family. All are welcome, every time and any time, OK? We don’t care (about) the color of your skin. We don’t care what God you pray to; don’t care what’s between your legs. What we do care about is celebrating life and music together, finding the things that we have in common.”

quote via The Tennessean

The band was having a blast at their Nashville set, and was even live-tweeting some of the night’s highlights.

But what really blew people away was their one-night-only cover of Miss Loretta Lynn’s “You’re Lookin’ at Country.” They proclaimed their love for the amazing country legend before they launched into song. It was handled by Hammett and Trujilo.

Come take a look at the fun cover!

She Loved It!

Miss Lynn was quick to confirm that she was indeed in attendance in the Birdgestone Arena to watch their concert. She posted her reaction on her official Facebook page, together with her own video of the cover. She writes:

“Well, y’all ain’t gonna believe this! Check out Metallica covering my song, ‘You’re Looking at Country.’ Now I’ve seen everything. I loved it, boys! Keep rocking and it’s good by me if you do a few more of mine. Maybe I’ll have to sing one with you sometime!”

Well, glad you enjoyed it too, Miss Lynn!


Loretta Lynn, Metallica

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