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Jo Dee Messina’s “Bring On the Rain” Gives a Different Light

Jo Dee Messina's "Bring On the Rain" Gives a Different Light 1
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Sure you had bad days in the past. How did you deal with it? Are you allowing bad days to ruin your motivation to live or do something? For sure,  you also know that days aren’t all bad. If today, things didn’t go well for you, that doesn’t mean the same scenario will take place tomorrow or in the next days to come. After all, there’s truth in the old saying, “Tomorrow is another day.” To enlighten us further on this, here’s a song by country music singer Jo Dee Messina called “Bring On the Rain.” Let’s try to find the different kind of light the song brings.

The Song Sparks Hope

Set in a mid-tempo, the country ballad “Bring on the Rain” tackles some troubles we encounter in our daily lives. But with every struggle, the narrator holds on to the light and hope that come from her faith in the Almighty. With this, the narrator does not only display optimism but also inspires others to do the same. The song further highlights that no matter how difficult your situation is now, life shouldn’t end there for you. Tomorrow is another day and as long as you don’t lose that hope in your heart, you’ll see things will be clearer in no time. Therefore, instead of letting a bad day get you down, persevere with your faith and feel excited for the next days to come. As the song says,

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

A Few Facts of the Song

Songwriters Billy Montana and Helen Darling penned the tune “Bring On the Rain.” It was released as the fourth single on her album Burn in September 2001. Six months later, the song climbed up the country music chart reaching the topmost spot. The song gave Messina her fifth No. 1 country single. Moreover, it went on to become the Bye Byesinger’s highest-peaking record on the Adult Contemporary chart. It ranked No. 6 on the said music chart. The soothing voice we hear from the background was from Messina’s co-artist in country music Tim McGraw. TheHumble and Kindsinger provided background vocals throughout the song.

An additional interesting fact about the song was that it was released a day before the September 11 attacks. With that, Messina believed the message of the song would resonate well with most of us. As we all see it, the world didn’t stop after the terrifying attack. Seeing the United States standing firmly almost two decades after the 9-11 terrorist attack is a clear attestation to this song’s message.

 “Bring On the Rain” received several nominations from different music award organizations. The Grammy Awards nominated it for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. Also, it was nominated for Vocal Event of the Year award by the Academy of Country Music.

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