July 13

Another Jaw-Dropping Performance by Merle Haggards’ Sons

Another Jaw-Dropping Performance by Merle Haggards' Sons 1
Noel and Ben Haggard | Photo credit: Youtube

In a previous article here on Country Thang Daily, we introduced you to Merle Haggard‘s youngest son, Ben Haggard and his recording of Sing Me Back HomeWe’re sure you fell in love with his amazing vocals. And because of that, we’re bringing him to you again for another stunning performance. This time, he’s not performing alone but with his older brother, Noel Haggard, also a country musician.

The featured video below was an episode from the program Country Family Reunion hosted by Bill Anderson. The said program serves as a venue for country music artists and their families to gather and share their inspiring stories. This particular episode was intended for Merle Haggard. As such, his two sons, both inherited his musical skills and interests, are present to be the main acts of the show. Here, each performed two of Haggard’s biggest hits namely I’m a Lonesome Fugitive” and “The Running Kind.”

Watch their impressive performance below.

Their Father’s Songs

“I’m A Lonesome Fugitive” was the first of Haggard’s 38 No. 1 songs on the country chart. Released in 1967, the song propelled him to country stardom. As its text showed relevance to his personal experience in prison, it has been commonly regarded as his autobiographical song. On the other hand, “The Running Kind” came out in 1978. Recorded as the second single on his album A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today, it entered the country chart’s Top 20, peaking at No. 12. Noel and Ben’s performances of their father’s songs are solid proof of their exceptional skills in music.

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