August 5

Watch: Merle Haggard’s Sons Makes Superb Trio Band in ‘Workin’ Man Blues’

Apples did not fall far from the tree with Marty, Noel, and Ben singing Workin’ Man Blues during a tribute to Merle Haggard last year. My, their voices sounded just downright country like their dad’s! What an exemplary performance!

Shall we make them our next dream team? With performers like them, who needs MTV with all its digitized vocals and flashy gimmicks just to make a song appealing? They got the knack to bring back how country music should be defined. Should they concede, then the good times for us to enjoy classic country won’t really be over for good. (A bit of a word play with one of Merle’s songs, “Are the good times really over for good”?) Besides, nobody could fill their father’s shoe better than them.

Though Ben, Merle’s youngest son, had started off a singing career and is doing well, it would still be a pleasure hearing the three of them sing together. Clearly, Merle Haggard and his touch of country music runs in their veins. They are born to keep not just the memory, but the prominent Merle Haggard and his flair alive.

Like, look at them! A band of Haggard family that won’t easily break faith from tradition. We need to see more of that trait among budding country musicians. Regardless of modern music industry’s enticing temptation to change them, they won’t compromise musically. The simplicity of guitar plus phenomenal delivery of songs is the only concept required to upraise country sounds. Enough of those flirting with hip-hop or dipping toes with rock music just to be seen as cool. Ain’t our beloved country faring well divorced from those complications?

Calling y’all country lovers! Let us spread this dream of seeing the Haggard brothers team up and sign a recording contract. If the present music industry won’t support their artistry, to the wind with it! We’ll buy their albums anyway. Capish?

Watch: Merle Haggard’s Sons Makes Superb Trio Band in 'Workin' Man Blues' 1


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