November 27

Merle Haggard Wants to Sing Once He’s Back Home before he Dies


Our respective sanctuary is a place where we can unwind, relax, and feel at ease when everything else seems to fall apart. Hence, it is the place where we can find unconditional love, especially when the world turns its back at us. This place is so perfect because this is where we find the people who really care for us. Even Merle Haggard made a masterpiece about this, I hope that you will not cry once you hear his hit.

Okie from Muskogee

He was one of the legends in country music and a singer-songwriter. Also, he was considered a music icon due to his great contribution to the music industry. Of course, I’m takin’ about Merle Haggard. Haggard’s influence is still widespread in today’s new generation of rising artists.

Merle Haggard rose to fame in 1962, but his first single did not have a great impact on his career. Moreover, he had the turning point of his career in 1964, and his name skyrocketed. Haggard was able to release hit after hit and due to his contribution to country music. He received massive honors and awards.

There’s No Place Like Home

“Sing me back Home” was released in 1967 as the first single of his album. In addition, Merle Haggard and The Strangers wrote the masterpiece, plus, it is their third number one. Considering this, the hit stayed at number one in the U.S. Country Charts for two weeks. Due to its popularity, the hit also conquered Canada staying at number 7 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks. Truly, this masterpiece touched every listener’s heart.

Merle Haggard wrote the song when he was in San Quintin Prison. Notably, Haggard composed the song in honor of his cellmates whom he treated as his friends during his stay. Their love for freedom created a bond that put them together. Although the masterpiece has a lonely vibe, it’s still one of the best that he created.


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