June 8

The Hymn “I’ll Be List’ning” By Merle Haggard Stirs the Conception of Christ

Merle Haggard

Yes, we are living in a cruel world as they say. There are ruthless people around us doing wicked things. Also, there are unfortunate circumstances that happen at the most unexpected times. Nevertheless, we people who can understand the reasons, should be the one sympathetic and be considerate in these conditions. At some point, those depraved people and the ill situation will somewhat, somehow change. Likely, the change that will bind us together as one.

The hymn implies realization of change and the conception of Christ. As the lyrics say, we’ll have to wait for our names, and we keep on listening. That only means, at the very end of the day, it’s not the people who will judge us but God who’s up above. With this, we all meet at a certain point and believe in one significance, the Christ, God.

Furthermore, let Merle Haggard help you ponder on things, these things that affected you and other people. For this hymn “I’ll Be List’ning” can change the way you act, your beliefs, the way you deal with people, and most of all it will bring you closer to God.

I’ll Be List’ning

The hymn is considered as one of the most popular hymns around the world. I still remember, when I was reading gospel songs, I saw many people dropping their feedbacks saying they grew up listening to the song. It surely brings back the memories of childhood, when you go to church, you always hear the hymn. Also, “I’ll Be List’ning” is one of the many songs that are appropriate for children. They can learn about God through the hymn, with its simple words and lyrics as well as its jivey melody. Then and now, it is being used for churches and religious events.

The Lyrics…

When He calls for me, I will hear

When the Savior calls I will answer

I’ll somewhere listening for my name

Be somewhere listening

I’ll be somewhere listening for name

If my heart is right when He calls me

My heart is right I will hear

If my heart is right when He calls me

I’ll be somewhere listening for my name

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I'll Be List'ning, merle haggard

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