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Merle Haggard’s “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore”: A No.1 Hit In 1974

Merle Haggard

All in all, Merle Haggard has placed a total of 38 No.1 songs on the country charts. With this, he is known to be one of the best country artists, one of the most loved legends in the history, and one of the multi-talented people all over the globe. Furthermore, he was not just a singer but also a guitarist, songwriter, and a fiddler. Indeed, a legendary talent.

Back in 1974, “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore” became “The Hags” seventeenth No.1 hit in the course of his career. Also, the song made the world cry with its mellow tune, lonely words, and lyrics. Indeed, this is one of the Hags’ tear-jerking songs.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure, everyone especially the Merle Haggard obsessives out there misses him a lot. So, let’s remember “The Hags” and his works of art through listening to his No.1 song in 1974, “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore.”

The Song…

Merle Haggard “The Hags” himself is the person behind the song. He recorded and collaborated “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore” with The Strangers. Moreover, it was released in February 1974 under his album “Merle Haggard Presents His 30th”. It became Merle Haggard’s seventeenth No.1 song on the country charts. It spent a total of 1 week at No.1 and ten weeks on the Billboard country chart.

Precisely on May 4, 1974, “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore” topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It wiped out all the other great artists and their songs. They were Sonny James with “Is It Wrong” at No.2, “You Were A Lady” by Tommy Overstreet at No.3. Also, at No.4, “Country Bumpkin” by Cal Smith and “We Should Be Together” by Don Williams.

The Lyrics…

We used to laugh a lot, never cried

But things are all different now

Since your sweet love has died

It seems we’ve lost the way to find

All the good times we found before

Yeah, we used to laugh a lot

Things aren’t funny anymore

If I knew how to change your mind

Maybe things could be right again

If I could turn back one page of time

Before love came to an end

I’d just know where to turn

To turn it all on once more

Maybe we laughed too soon

Things aren’t funny anymore

I’d know just where to turn

To turn it all on once more

Maybe we laughed too soon

Things aren’t funny anymore

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