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Find Out Merle Haggard’s Final Recording Before his Death


Merle Haggard proves his passion and love for country music. Can you imagine writing a song even when you are battling an illness?

merle haggard, final recording
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Merle Haggard will always be remembered as the legend that he is. Even before his death, he was already writing his final recording. “Kern River Blues” was recorded on February 9, 2016. He died a few months after he released his final recording while battling with pneumonia.

Behind Merle Haggard’s Final Recording

The song was released as a single back in 2016. Since we know that the country legend was battling with pneumonia, it really is inspiring to know that he never forgets his passion for music.

The song is all about reminiscing his memories of leaving Bakersfield in the late ’70s. For those who are not aware of his family background, it was around the great depression era that his family decided to settle in Bakersfield, California.

merle haggard, final recording
Photo Credits: Merle Haggard/Official Facebook Home Page

So, this was a special place for the singer as it was basically the place that he grew up in. The Kern River flows through the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, and it was what he remembered of Bakersfield.

The song was then allowed to be a posthumous release as a way of “thanking everyone” for their “tremendous outpouring of love and prayers” for Merle.

The family decided to take part in Merle’s ideologies of being passionate. Ten percent of all gross proceeds from the sale of the song will proceed to the homeless.

merle haggard, final recording
Photo by Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

Lyrics Breakdown

Well, I’m leaving town forever
Kiss an old boxcar goodbye
I dug my blues down in the river
But the old Kern River is dry

This final verse in the song makes so much sense after his death. Not only is he saying goodbye to his memories from his childhood home, but he is also saying goodbye to the people he is leaving behind.

Merle’s legacy will always be remembered by country fans from around the world. He made a big impact, and we could only be grateful for the music that he left for us.

Listen to his final recording here:


kern river blues, merle haggard, The Hag

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