July 5

Men of Country List: So who is your favorite country artist that sung the National Anthem?

As part of our ‘Curing Your July 4th Hangover” campaign, we wanted to create a list of country artists who sang the National Anthem and we’ve already done our female list.


Country men sang Star Spangled Banner


This time it’s the gentlemen of country’s turn as we carefully examine who among them is the stand out when it comes to singing The Star Spangled Banner. While most of these country artists are already a household name, some of these country artists are not yet legends but they might be going there because of these incredible performances. Some of the country artists though have already passed away and it’s a great time to remember them delivering their most patriotic performance.


Note that the list below is in no particular order because we cannot decide among ourselves, again:

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George Jones

Just like how “Possum” he does it, George Jones deliver a powerful version of The Star Spangled Banner from the core of his soul. George Jones is a veteran that’s why it is understandable where the emotions are coming from on this recorded song.


Roy Orbison

The sad thing about watching Roy Orbison as he carefully sang the national anthem is the fact that this country artist died two months after this LA Kings Hockey game. No matter what, Roy Orbison sets the bar for an ALL AMERICAN version of this song.

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Garth Brooks

Funny story behind this performance: Garth Brooks almost did not agree to perform the US anthem during the 1993 Super Bowl after NFL backed out at the last minute before the performance to show Garth Brooks’ music video “We Shall Be Free” that follows race riots at the height of Rodney King verdict. Still, we’re happy that Garth Brooks went on and performed our song.


Zac Brown Band

Certainly, these fellas nailed The Star Spangled Banner during the NHL Winter Classic. Those vibratos roared the stage while the audience avalanched with their cheers for the Grammy award winning band.

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Ronnie Dunn

In 2011, Ronnie Dunn raised the goosebumps as he had done the Star Spangled Banner, the Dunn way at the World Series, Game 3.


Keith Urban

A good soulful version, Keith Urban dominates the Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.

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Luke Bryan

We can see Luke Bryan being a bit nervous at the beginning but we could say that it’s the calmest version we’ve heard so far singing the National Anthem at NFL. The stress on every word pierces our nationalism.






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