October 5

In Memory: Country Music Pioneer, Carson Robison

After a long day of hard work, I bet most of us would want to relax and watch some entertainment. Be my guest then and listen to this humorous Turkey in the Straw, a hit song of The Buckaroos band during the WWII years and led by Carson Robison. Would you believe that its melody was the basis for one of Hank Williams’ no. 1 songs, Why Don’t You Love Me? And that the song was the best selling country recording in 1942? No kidding!

With its light-hearted tune, it is no surprise that it is often used as a rhyme and song for children. (With a lot of tweaking and cleaning-up of the lyrics, of course.)

Speaking of light, here is another song of Carson Orbison about his political sentiments in his time. In the meantime, chill from all your political stances and convictions. You could use a chuckle or two with his Will Someone Tell Me Who To Vote For.


Born in Kansas, he became a professional musician in his youth working as a whistler and a singer for a radio station. Over the years, he gained enough experience and expertise with various musical instruments. In the 1920’s, he worked with many musical stars at that time including Vernon Dalhart, Wendell Hall, and Frank Luther. Come 1930’s, he stepped up his career by forming his own band, The Buckaroos formerly named Carl Robison’s Pioneers. For almost two decades, they toured and performed, promoting the sounds of country locally and abroad. With their influence, UK lovers of country music have increased and spread in the British Isles.

We’re in luck to find a sample video of them singing.

He also made appearances at the Grand Ole Opry in the 1950’s and would have contributed more to the then progressing favorite genre of Americans had he not die in 1957. He was 66.


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