November 27

Let’s Relive Mel Tillis’ Final Opry Performance

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, country music bid farewell to one of its most prized artists, Mel Tillis. Mel Tillis battled intestinal issues that followed his colon surgery in 2016 but ultimately succumbed to respiratory failure.

Prior to his sudden and devastating departure, Tillis earned the support of so many fans with his insatiable gift and passion for music. As one of the celebrated country entertainers and actors of his time, Tillis became a regular star at the Grand Ole Opry for years.

Just recently, the Grand Ole Opry released a video from December 11, 2015, that featured a very memorable performance made by the legendary artist on their stage. Singing The Arms of a Fool, one of his hit songs from the 1970’s, he was backed by his special guest, Eddie Stubs. As Stubs played the fiddle and the Opry band helped liven up the background, Mel Tillis wowed the crowd and lit up the stage with his vocal power.

What a good man. One of the greats!”

Remarked Vince Gill, who served as the announcer that evening. The audience applauded in agreement, and nobody thought that that would be Tillis’ final performance at the famed institution.

Funeral arrangements for Mel Tillis revealed

For Mel Tillis’ funeral arrangements, a preceding service was already held just last Saturday, November 25, at the Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church in Silver Springs, Florida.

There will be a visitation to be held on November 27 at the Sykes Funeral Home in Clarksville, Tennessee. Following the visitation will be a public funeral service at 3 p.m. at Mount Hermon Baptist Church. After the funeral will be the private burial of the singer’s remains.

In January, the family plans to hold a public memorial for the country artist, and this will be made open and accessible to all fans and fellow performers of Tillis in the industry. It’s been said that the event will be in Nashville, but supporters should stick around for further details.

Tillis’ family also requests that all attendees refrain from taking pictures, live streaming, or filming any part of the entire service. Their wish is to commemorate Mel’s memories and final moments in peace.


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