April 20

Brighten Your Morning Up With This High-Spirited Song

Brighten Your Morning Up With This High-Spirited Song 1Gaither Vocal Band/Screen grabbed from Youtube (GaitherVEVO)

Songs that are being sung jubilantly radiate positive vibes that they oftentimes leave listeners extremely delighted. That particularly rings true to the featured song and its performers in our story today. The tune is titled “I’ll Meet You in the Morning” which was penned by gospel songwriter Albert E. Brumley. While there are many great singers and groups who sang it spectacularly, we are bringing you the Gaither Vocal Band’s live performance of it. At the opening of the clip, the narrator introduced two of the oldest members in the group whose vigor supports the statement, “Age doesn’t matter.” Just watch their performance and let’s see if you won’t be carried away.

A Few Thoughts About the Song

Basically, the song talks about meeting someone in the afterlife, particularly in a place called heaven. Almost all of its lyrics are centered on the description of that meeting and the said venue. Obviously, everything is wonderful and truly moving.

The Songwriter

Born on October 29, 1905, Albert E. Brumley spent most of his life contributing to gospel music. He lived most of his life writing and singing gospel songs. For over three decades, Brumley worked as a staff writer for the Hartford and Stamps/Baxter publishing companies. Throughout his life, he has written more than 800 and other songs. Additionally, he founded the Albert E. Brumley & Sons Music Company as well the Country Gentlemen Music. Later on, he bought the Hartford Music Company. He has sung with the Hartford Quartet while attending the Hartford Musical Institute in Hartford, Arkansas. He also taught at singing schools in Ozarks. In 1931, he recorded “I’ll Fly Away” which became one of his most popular songs. He was inducted into the Country Song Writers Hall of Fame in 1970.

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